P O R S C H E  U N C O M M O N

Role: Senior Creative (Writer)
Co-Creative: Jasper Janssen
Agency: Achtung!
Director: Jona Honer - Czar

New things only happen when someone dares to be uncommon. Ferry Porsche didn’t create the 911 by following tradition, but by staying true to himself. He is not alone. Behind every success is someone who dares to be different.

In the next in Porsche's Uncommon campaign we set out to discover once and for all, what makes you uncommon? Through a DNA-test that can tell you just that. 


P O R S C H E  T A Y C A N

Role: Senior Creative (Concept/ Writer)
Co-Creative: Jasper Janssen
Agency: Achtung!
Production: Superhero Cheesecake

Porsche was launching the first ever electric sportscar- the Taycan. We knew Porsche drivers already loved it, the initial run was sold out. But were they actually ready for it?

To find out, we challenged them to the ultimate test. Man vs Machine- a series of mobile challenges, where you must compete against a machine specially trained in the qualities needed to drive the Taycan- reaction speed, balance and spatial awareness. Those that beat the machine, got to drive the ultimate machine- the Taycan.

In collaboration with Superhero Cheesecake we designed and created 3 mobile games that used your iPhones functionality in new ways (effectively turning it into a joystick), each based on a feature of the Taycan. We programmed a robotic arm to be able to play these 3 games and created a teaser film, mobile site and online banners that challenged drivers to compete.

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