P E A R L E  'O U T S I D E  T H E  P I X E L S'

Role: Senior Creative (Concept/ Writer/ Art Director)
Co-creative: Jasper Janssen, Marco Kunst
Agency: Achtung!
Making of: Freshmen Media
Illustrator: Anne Roos Kleiss
Installations: Paper Island

Children are becoming shortsighted from staring at screens. It is estimated by 2050 half of the world's population will be affected. But natural daylight and just two hours a day outside can help prevent this.

So after winning a pitch for Pearle Opticians we decided to do something for kids and parents to raise awareness. During children's book week, we asked children's book author Marco Kunst to help us write a story inviting kids to take their eyes off screens. To read the full story they had to go outside, to discover the words as physical installations in Amsterdam Bos, far away from the pixels. 

Featured by a Dutch TV channel and numerous parents and bloggers who all helped spread the message.

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