F O R   T H E  V I S I O N A R I E S 

Role: Senior Creative (Concept/ Writer)
Co Creatives: Fabian Hupfauf, Alta Rezazadeh
Client: HOYA 
Agency: Nomads

HOYA Vision Care is the second largest lens manufacturer in the world. We were asked to create a new global brand vision and platform that re-focussed their mission - as being a trusted business partner to optometrists.

The idea - to elevate and inspire optometrists to see themselves as HOYA does - as Visionaries. Like all the other talented, knowledgeable, forward thinking individuals who change the way people see the world, every day.  

This is an ongoing longterm project but the following gives you a glimpse of the campaigns and tools we have created so far. Brand film and content series to follow ...

Internal film to launch 'For the Visionaries' to employees. 

Password: Internal

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