T E D x  A M S T E R D A M  W O M E N 

Role: Senior Creative (Concept/ Writer)
Co Creatives: Fabian Hupfauf, Alta Rezazadeh, Andreea Moga 
Client: TEDx
Agency: Nomads

For the 10th anniversary of TEDx Amsterdam Women we were tasked with creating a campaign around the theme The State of Mind. 

The idea- to change the state of mind in the next 10 years until gender bias had been eliminated and a separate women's event no longer needed. 

Today gender bias is not only an issue in the real world but also online- programmed into Ai from the start. This impacts women's chances at jobs, credit limits and more and our launch film focuses on this. We worked with an AI programmer (Andreea Moga from Rotterdam AI) to teach an AI gender bias from scratch, documenting the process. The resulting film was screened at the main event at KIT royal institute in Amsterdam. 

Our key visuals were used on social and at the event and an instagram story told the story of where we'd like to be in the next 10 years.

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